Madrigal Communications helps professional organisations improve the value of their written and online presentation to clients and customers. We have specialist skills in tender writing and proposals.

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  • To be or not to be a soliloquy
    When you mention soliloquy there is only one thing that pops into your head—Shakespeare! Shakespeare was both playwright and poet... more
  • Codswallop—a load of old or new
    Codswallop is slang for nonsense. It is a way of calling something fanciful and untrue without having to resort to... more
  • The sophisticated gourmand
    I have been hearing, every now and then, people in the media referring to lovers of fine dining as gourmands.... more
  • A little history of horse words
    Modern horses (Equus ferus caballus) were first domesticated on the northern European steppes 6000 years ago by people we identify... more
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