Madrigal Communications is an Australian communication consultancy that helps professional organisations improve their profits and presentation by creating convincing and engaging content. We have specialist skills in tender writing and proposal writing.

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Convincing and engaging communication

Good communications is more than spelling, grammar and design. Communication must work in different media and in different channels. It must convince and engage your readers. We help with all business writing with particular emphasis on tender writing and proposal writing.

Build your reputation

Poorly prepared proposals, brochures or websites that look amateurish are damaging your reputation and impacting on your profits. Some business people put more effort and money into dressing for meetings than they do into the marketing material they hand out. Improve your profits with convincing and engaging communications.

Creating great marketing material

Madrigal Communications will help you to prepare your marketing material to get you ahead of the competition. We write websites, capability statements, social media, blogs, brochures, flyers, manuals and we are expert at tender writing and proposal writing.

If you need a cut-through website we can help you create a great value for money site.  Do you need help with your blogging or content? Call us now to get ahead of your competition!

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Here are the basic requirements for preparing a document to win your tender including making sure you provide evidence, presentation, information. value for money, understanding the client and standing out. Follow these tips and you will have a much better chance of success.


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