Monthly Archives: April 2012

Fighting over falafels

falafelMy daughter has recently become a vegetarian so we are now eating a lot of new things. Our favourite is falafel. We make our own—the main ingredient being chickpeas ground up with a few spices and vegetables and deep-fried.

Chickpeas have been eaten...

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Signalling distress

titanic_morse4Today is the centenary of one of the most famous distress calls of history. On 14 April 1912, during a moonless night in the middle of the Atlantic the Titanic hit an iceberg. Soon afterwards Captain Smith ordered the First Radio Officer, Jack Phillips,...

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The meaning of fulsome is not abundantly clear

If there is a word in the English language to avoid at all costs it is fulsome. Not because it is modern (it is quite the opposite) or informal (it is not that) but because it is one of a few words that has flipped its original meaning on its head. Fulsome is...

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