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The Grexit and who invented economy anyway?

There is widespread fear that the world economy is going to have another downturn because Greece has defaulted on its IMF loan (the first developed country to ever do so according to the world’s media). Now as a lexicologist, rather than an economist, my sympathies are completely with Greece (and therefore my perspective and understanding may...
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Digging up the meaning of fossil

I am, in the eyes of my children, a fossil, with out-dated views and opinions out-of-step with fashion.  Of course, a real fossil is … a relic, remnant, or representation of an organism that existed in a past geological age, or of the activity of such an organism, occurring in the form of mineralized bones,...
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Going Dutch

Have you ever noticed how we use Dutch ironically to describe things we don’t like or trust? Dutch is often used humorously to indicate the opposite sense of something, for instance:
  • Going Dutch means people pay for themselves rather than being generous;
  • Speaking double Dutch means what you are saying is incomprehensible;
  • A Dutch treat, is something you pay...
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It is the 100th Anniversary of Anzac Day this week and I have chosen sacrifice as our word of the week. Sacrifice means to give something of value, often altruistically, with the hope of gaining something in return or to avoid greater loss. And from this comes supreme sacrifice: to give your life in the belief...

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