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To be or not to be a soliloquy

When you mention soliloquy there is only one thing that pops into your head—Shakespeare! Shakespeare was both playwright and poet (and it is his birthday today). His language had its greatest power when he was exploring the inner thoughts of his most important characters. The most remembered moments in Shakespeare’s plays are their soliloquies. The...
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Codswallop—a load of old or new

Codswallop is slang for nonsense. It is a way of calling something fanciful and untrue without having to resort to the more overtly crude bullshit. Although there is no doubt to its meaning its origins are not clear. It has only been found in written English in the last fifty years. Wallop has been in English...
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The sophisticated gourmand

I have been hearing, every now and then, people in the media referring to lovers of fine dining as gourmands. However, it is quite wrong and quite comical. It is used as if it were the superlative of gourmet, ie one starts as a simple consumer of food, graduates to being a gourmet, a lover...
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A little history of horse words

Modern horses (Equus ferus caballus) were first domesticated on the northern European steppes 6000 years ago by people we identify as the Proto-Indo-Europeans (PIE). These Proto-Indo-Europeans called their new friend the ekwos. They used it to conquer Europe and Asia and to spread the descendents of their language firstly across these continents and...

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