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Something fishy about National Bouillabaisse Day

Today, 14 December, is “National” Bouillabaisse Day. The fishy thing about National Bouillabaisse Day is that I am not sure entirely whether it is National Bouillabaisse Day in France, the United States or indeed anywhere. I can’t possibly believe it is National Bouillabaisse Day in Australia because we don’t even celebrate National Vegemite Day. I...
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Nothing moderate about booze

As Christmas approaches we will be looking forward to the seasonal feasts of rich food washed down with our favourite booze. On Christmas day we are likely to be very mellow by the end of the day, perhaps having anaesthetised ourselves against the stress of getting on with our family. So in honour of the alcoholic...
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Knickers, bloomers and drawers

I love the British word, knickers, for ladies underpants. It has a gentle naughtiness without being vulgar. In Britain it has surpassed all its rivals: smalls, briefs, panties, bloomers and completely replaced its predecessor, drawers. In Australia we tend to talk about pants or panties (as does the US) although knickers is gaining some ground. Drawers...
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Is bachelorette any less gender damaging than spinster?

I was slightly appalled by The Bachelor on our television this year. A young man gets to choose which of eighteen girls get the benefit of his company from week to week; slowly reducing the number of eligible girls each week until the last girl remaining gets to marry him. My wife and daughter were avid fans,...
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