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Dog-whistle politics

The word of this week's Australian election campaign would have to be dog-whistle. Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton (previously nicknamed “Duffer”) has been accused of political dog-whistling by the media for a spectacularly inept tirade about migrants in an interview on Fox TV last Tuesday (17 May):

"For many people,...

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How do you like your murder?

My wife is fan of English murder mysteries and for her birthday recently one of her friends gave her a boxed-set of the first eight seasons of Midsomer Murders.  She was excited, however, the rest of us were not looking forward to the prospect of having to sit through fifty episodes of murder at the village fete. I...
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Bicycling “mamils” and fossils

I was listening to talkback radio recently. The topic was the New Zealand café owner who has recently banned middle-aged male cyclists from his café because he was concerned that his patrons found the wearing of bike shorts offensive. While nearly everyone recognised that the issue was not an important one, it did generate quite a discussion...
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Did the anaconda kill an elephant?

The green or common anaconda, Eunectes murinus, inhabits the Amazon and Orinoco basins of South America, the Guyanas (the northeastern countries of South America) and north of Trinidad. It is a member of the boa family and the heaviest snake in the world. The anaconda kills its prey by coiling itself around the victim and squeezing...
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