Creating booklets for cut-through

The continual announcements of the death of printed material are surely the jealous rants of online salespeople. Digital documents cannot compare to the unique experiences that printed materials leave with their readers. Precisely because so much information is presented to us on computers and mobile devices, printed material is a more tangible way for businesses to present their stories to customers.

Booklet marketing is an innovative and effective advertising technique. Booklets allow businesses to deliver useful information to their customers in a way that provides brand recognition for their company and helps to generate sales.



The Madrigal approach to booklets

Why are readers more engaged reading print materials than when reading digital material? Reading off a page is less demanding than the energy emanations from a screen. The passiveness of the page helps us to slow down our pace and increases our attention span. Target audiences notice products or promotions if the are presented well in promotional booklets.

Using booklets to market your business

Madrigal Communications can help you to use booklets to market your business. Creating a guide for people to help them to achieve things or solve their problems breaks down the barrier between the reader and the business. Most people are resistant to the tsunami of marketing and promotional material that they are exposed to, however, they are much more accepting of promotional material that gives them useful information. Examples of effective selling booklets are recipe booklets from food stores, DIY guides from hardware stores or decor guides from paint stores. These types of booklets generate interest and build a relationship between the business and the reader because they are giving information not asking to take your money.

Getting booklets into your customers’ hands

Madrigal Communications not only can help you create the booklet we can help you creatively distribute it. Giving away booklets at strategic events, sending them in packages in the mail or placing them in places where your target audience will see them are all techniques that work.

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