Creative direction

Managing creative synergy

Madrigal is an experienced communications company with a team of people that can create standout material for our clients. Our team of graphic designers, copywriters and online developers work together to create their best work. Creative direction is about making sure that the whole is always greater than the sum of the parts. Getting a team to work creatively together can be a great thrill when new things happen. It makes sure that the work we do for our clients is always fantastic.



The Madrigal approach to creative direction

What we really do in creative direction is team management. It is about getting the most out of people by encouraging synergy. Working with our own people, clients  or people from other agencies we promote independent and innovative thinking. We work with a lot of different kinds of companies and people and welcome the different perspectives they bring.  We must also seek to protect the quality of our ideas against the forces of mundanity and ordinariness.

Our creative design ethos

We believe that to get the best creatively we need an environment and ethos where ideas can be created, played with and if they are viable nurtured. Creativity is about accepting new ideas even if they go against what is considered acceptable. Left field ideas help us to step outside the box of the humdrum.

Creative direction also needs a team of confident and bright talent that is able to accept the ideas and comments of others. Madrigal has talented people who create great communications from small ideas.

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