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Madrigal Communications Tender assessment special offerSPECIAL OFFER—INDEPENDENT ASSESSMENT OF YOUR TENDER

Don’t make the same mistake twice?

If you are not winning at least 1 out of every 3 of your tenders you are not doing them as well as you could be. Madrigal Communications has helped Lipman, Aquenta and AJ Lucas with major tender successes. We can provide an independent strategic review of your tender proposal to help you increase your success rate.

Increase your SUCCESS RATE

Undertaking a review of your proposal will help identify ways to increase your tender success rate. Other important benefits are:

  • improved profitability
  • improved documentation consistency and presentation
  • develop better processes and decision-making
  • identified appropriate skills for bid development
  • improved resourcing efficiency
  • improved reputation
  • improved morale from organisation and bid teams

STRATEGIC REVIEW of your tender or proposal

We will undertake a strategic review of your unsuccessful tender document and provide recommendations and a report on how it can be improved.  We use our proven strategic framework to assess your proposal. Is your proposal:

  • compliant with the tender’s requirement?
  • comparable in presentation with industry norms?
  • comprehensive in addressing all the tenders requirements?
  • competitive in value for money?
  • convincing in presenting a strong case?
  • extraordinary in standing out from your competitors?

INTRODUCTORY PRICE to new clients $599

Madrigal Communications will assess your tender response or tender proposal and provide a 5-10 page report. We will provide a comprehensive strategic assessment with recommendations on how to improve.

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