Project Plans

Writing strategic project plans

Project management plans need to be established and regularly updated to define the way a program is to be delivered and how it will be measured. A project management plan will include: background, scope, objectives, list of stakeholders, key milestones, project delivery strategy, contracting structure, management structure, management system overview, governance and controls, and monitoring and update processes. The number and kinds of plans needed for projects varies but is defined in the Project Management Body of Work


Project management plan



The Madrigal approach to writing project management plans

Writing project plans requires strong collaboration with content experts. Our writers will identify and create the structure of the documents and use content experts to provide the details and context.

There is an established set of project planning documents based on the Project Management body of knowledge. The following list of plans represents some possibilities:

  • Project Management Plan (overall)
  • Project Controls Plan
  • Stakeholder Management Plan
  • Statutory Approvals Plan
  • Community Involvement Plan
  • Design Management Plan
  • Construction Management Plan
  • Construction Environmental Management Plan
  • Site Safety Management Plan
  • Emergency Incident Management Plan
  • Project Procurement Plan
  • Budget and Cost Control Plan
  • Contract Admin Plan
  • Project Admin Plan
  • Project Risk Management Plan
  • Safety Assurance and Asset Handover Management Plan
  • Project Quality Management Plan
  • Employee Management Plan
  • Commissioning and Operations Readiness Management Plan

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