Bid and Tender Management Services Australia

Bid and Tender Management Services Australia

Madrigal has a high success rate in winning tenders for our clients. Our senior consultants all provide comprehensive understanding of tender requirements and have a strong success rate in leading successful tender responses. We have significant project management experience and expertise in government procurement, infrastructure and utilities projects.

Bid and Tender Management

Tender Management Services



Managing your bid

If you want to compete in the procurement market you need to submit comprehensive and professional tender submissions to tendering organisations. This not only requires a strong understanding of tender requirements but also the resources and expertise to put together a convincing proposal in a short amount of time.

High level bid resources

Madrigal Communications provides high level professional staff to manage your bid. Don’t underestimate the time and work required to produce a competitive bid. Lack of resourcing and overstretching senior staff are the most common mistakes in trying to prepare a proposal.

Senior professionals are often required to put together a bid at short notice but are often unable to reschedule their commitments or manage the expectations of other clients. Madrigal Communications can work alongside your expert staff to manage the mechanics of the process and to put together the highest quality of documentation.

Successfully managing your bid

Our consultants have extensive experience in putting together successful bids for clients. With a professional team we will manage the bid delivery to provide guidance to your bid team and line management. Madrigal will provide senior experienced professionals to help resource and manage the delivery of the bid:

  • analyse the requirements;
  • develop the strategy;
  • project manage the response;
  • ensure adequate resourcing;
  • brief the subject experts;
  • develop a structure and table of contents;
  • specify the necessary components and sections;
  • check compliance with the request for tender (RFT);
  • oversee the final review;
  • provide high level editing skills;
  • oversee document design and production; and
  • make sure it gets submitted on time.

The Madrigal approach to winning tenders

The Madrigal approach to winning tenders identifies six essential elements. The first five are about getting into the race and the last is about winning it. To be able to win the work your tender response must be: compliant; comparable; comprehensive; competitive; convincing; and extraordinary.