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Learning about the history of words is fascinating and fun. Words are the building blocks of all communications so we must have a professional understanding of their meanings. We also love exploring the origins and history of words.
English is one of the great languages of the world because it absorbs words from every language. All attempts to control English have failed. It is not constrained by academics or dictionary writers. Words survive because the people that use them need them, like them and a lot more often than you would guess just want to have fun with them.
  • The meaning of gospel at Christmas

    The meaning of gospel at Christmas

    The nativity of Jesus from the gospel Christmas approaches. For Christians, Christmas is the time to celebrate the nativity (the...

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  • What Does It Mean To Be A Trump?

    What Does It Mean To Be A Trump?

    Oh no not another blog about Donald Trump? Yes but, because this is the word-of-the-week, I am not going to...

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  • Hallelujah—Leonard Cohen

    Hallelujah—Leonard Cohen

    Last week we said goodbye to Leonard Cohen, the Canadian poet turned singer, who sang dark but uplifting songs to...

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  • From antique to grotesque

    From antique to grotesque

    When we look at the history of the words we often find a deep connection with the long history of...

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  • Gerrymandering and malapportionment

    Gerrymandering and malapportionment

    Following on from last week’s American political terms (pork barrelling and boondoggle) I have been researching another wonderful political term...

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  • Pork barrelling their boondoggles

    Pork barrelling their boondoggles

    You have to love the elections. Even if the politicians are failing to stir us with soaring words our journalists...

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